The Author

Odysi Zero Weight Loss Author

Who am I?

I am a Personal Trainer, Older Adults Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer and Gym Instructor; I own and operate a personal training studio servicing an athlete only clientele; I hold a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and for the past decade have and continue to work full time as a Systems Engineer; Myers Briggs would label me as an ISFJ personality type (Protector Supporter) and I absolutely adore good food and chilled autumn afternoons.

I am a former athlete and sponsorship holder from the most elite sporting institute in the country and am also a proud alumni member to it; I am a wrestler and have been since the age of about 3 years old where my father would frequently have me spar against my brothers and cousins; As an athlete I represented at the state, national and international level including the Greco Roman wrestling World Championships; I am a multi national champion and medalist; I have trained alongside or competed against legendary Olympic gold medalists and Olympians, world champions, European champions and national champions in the sports of freestyle wrestling, Greco Roman wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), judo, sambo and boxing. I have trained under the guidance and direction of renowned national Olympic wrestling coaches of Greece, Poland, the former USSR, Canada and Russia. I have also trained under a Hall of Fame member and former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). I was a member of the shadow Olympic team for the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games; and finally, I have been a regular radio guest speaker providing general health and fitness advice to my local community.

Believe me when I tell you that I am a man on a mission.

And that mission, dear reader, is to reduce obesity in my community and in our world today. What I am driven to achieve, my passion, is to help people like you and once me, one by one, ten by ten, one hundred by one hundred - to lose weight and live the incredible life each and every one of us deserves. I know where you are right now, I know what you are going through and I know what is ahead of you. Together, we can do this!


Yours in health,