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The Men Who Made Us Fat


Last night, as I casually changed channels on the TV, I came across a documentary named ‘The Men Who Made Us Fat.’


Perhaps I should not have been so easily influenced by the show’s title, but I admit I did stop and watch it. From what I read of the summary and watched on the TV, the documentary follows presenter, Jacques Peretti trace those responsible for revolutionizing the eating habits of the Western world to learn how their decisions, made 40 years ago in America, led to the tragic obesity epidemic we see around us today.


This particular episode focused on high-fructose corn syrup.


I think people, at least to my understanding of people, will respond differently to such a documentary. Some will agree. They will point and blame others for their obesity. Others will claim that they and they alone are to blame for the state of their bodies.


I do not believe for a moment that the food industry purposely develops food to make us overweight. No one is out there hatching evil schemes to fatten the world. No one is forcing us to eat such food or so much of it either. But I do think it is fair to say that the food industry aims to develop food products which lead to greater profits.


And to do that, they need people to keep eating and buying what they make.


To do that, the food needs to be delicious and convenient.


And to make those profits, the food industry will use any allowable ingredients to achieve that end dollar result. I may have simplified matters here but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark. This is where we start stepping into some moral grey areas because who makes the decisions of what foods are permitted for human consumption? I don’t know, but I know it’s a people prone to people mistakes.


Personally, I will say this. The moment we blame someone or something for making us overweight, whether right or wrong, as soon as we do that we lose our power. The thing is, I am not saying we blame ourselves either. What I am saying is we need to take ownership and responsibility to lose the weight and this step is absolutely critical.


Did those men really make the world fat?

Maybe they played a part, but what I do know is no one but you are going to lose the weight and keep it off.


What are your thoughts?




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